So today I officially become a blogger. Really? Me? Then again, isn’t Facebook and Instagram posts riddled with opinions, perspectives, and research material blogging? Yes.. as if i needed another medium.

Truth of the matter is that about a month ago (as the world, yet again, leveled up the dose of crazy) I was even going to step back from Facebook. And anyone that follows me there knows that is not something that happens often. But for a long time now, I’ve been practicing the habit of listening to my intuition and watching for signs. Well it didn’t take long to realize that dialing down the social media was the wrong approach.

Soon after my intention to take a step back, I began receiving an out-pour  of messages thanking me for my posts. People started telling me how much they relate to my inspirational or informative links, or my overall vibe. Grateful for the clear ‘whats next’ message, I began to share more of the information and energy that resonates to me.

I spend a lot of time researching down the rabbit hole, triggering parts of me that have been a sleep for lifetimes. I am aware of the massive shift happening on this planet and I can feel the sudden influx of activated souls. I am awake and here to help, in any way I can. I am not singular and have many gifts I’ve opened that I can share with my brothers and sisters. Some of my attributes are Intuitive Coach, Spiritual Healer, Artist, Writer, Facilitator, Teacher, Medium (Channel), Care Giver, Holistic Nutritionist, Alchemist, Light Worker, Empath, Star Seed, Pleiadian, Ascended Master. Fractal Being.

We are witnessing the most pivotal point in our existence on this planet.  A revolution of consciousness that will propel us all into the new Earth.

My name is ‘Evi Paris’, and I am here because I have faith in this shift we are going through.

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