Sacred Contracts

Curious: so, contracts. What are soul contracts?

Paris: So when we set out to reincarnate here on a particular lifetime, we set up contracts with soul. Often dual purpose for them and us. Sometimes just for the purpose of one soul. But they are agreed upon. No-one we meet is a coincidence. .

From the lady you meet on the bus for two seconds, to a client you share a good conversation with, to a friend in school or a parent. Whether the shared interaction seems positive or negative (challenging) there was always a reason for your greater good.

These contracts are part of our soul growth. The fundamental reason for our human incarnation.

For example, an abusive relationship for me is part of my soul growth to teach me self love, boundary setting among other reasons of course. Some contracts are to remind you of a part of your path, or to steer you in the right direction. Some contract are to steer you away from your path because perhaps your soul required the experience and growth that comes from finding your way back onto your path. .

There is destiny, certain things you’ve set out to do. But there is also free will. When we avoid our highest self (soul, intuition, instinct ) we veer off the path. It’s always part of the overall growth/path though. When things flow (not are easier, just flow) usually means we are in line with our contracted path. .

Curious: This all makes so much sense, i have never herd it communicated like this. How do you discover your contracts

Paris: Everyone you have a contact with. No meet is a coincidence. Usually the purpose of the contract comes clear after you’ve learned a lesson.

So my (narc) mom for example. .. every contract we have together her and I can be viewed as negative. Always hurt on my end. But actually is a beautiful contract. Remember in spirit world we are not good and bad. We just are. Full of love. But sometimes the contract is set up between us to share a negative experience but it’s actually a beautiful lesson for soul growth. My mom in this lifetime being a less then desirable parent, has helped me be a wonderful parent full of unconditional love. My soul contracted this massive difference in energy to better appreciate the need for the love I give my children. Because it’s all intertwined. They (my kids) contracted with me this parent child relationship because they require my experience and what that means in how I raise them or what I will be able to offer them. And so on and so on.

***we are fractal beings having this human experience. On this side two souls may be experiencing a polar energy exchange but we live in a reality of duality. We require the darkness to see the light. On the other side of the veil, the fractal parts of those two souls could very well be sitting there with 3D glasses and popcorn and high-fiving each-other on lessons learned and contracts honored 😉

Evi Paris


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