Do you feel it?! That energy?!!! Its getting louder…

I feel myself vibrating now, as if I was on a caffeine and cocaine buzz (I’m not haha).

The filtration that has taken place in the last several weeks has been at accelerated speeds. Toxicity exiting on its own, healthy boundaries set firmly, zero personal afflictions by anything that needed to go. I cannot continue on my path with unnecessary luggage. I cannot carry third dimensional baggage with me on a plane where it simply doesn’t exist. This includes people, thoughts, perceptions, habits, food and environments. They all get a shake down and then its like I rise higher. i feel floaty. I don’t see ascension as going higher up, but rather like removing weights. It was like having dense, low frequencies shackled to me and one by one I’m being released from them and allowed to float freely. Independently.

It’s been a long time… but I remember what this feels like.

Even my 8 year old has noticed a big change. Mom, she says, there’s more orbs and lights and flying things in the house. It feel fuller. Haha, yes, I agree. And louder, for me anyways. But I also feel more balanced and clear. Its like I’ve put new batteries in the radio, turned the antenna  up towards the sky and fully extended it, and have turned the dial to the clearest frequency possible. No need to turn up the volume, its that middle range good quality, great sound station. The one with all the sister stations who are also ironically very clear 😉

I feel like I’m already in 2018, taking out the fact that time is not actually real. In fact, last few major ‘level ups’ as i call them, i have felt I experienced them very early, then found out about them, more like confirmations. Then i felt prepared and informed for anyone that perhaps needed guidance as to what the heck is happening here?!

Oh you just hold on… its gonna get even more amazing!

I am seriously vibrating uncontrollably and realize I may have to adjust my perception to understand my new ‘normal’. We must all remember to ground often. I enjoy nature and kids. My environment. I guess we should enjoy our environment, otherwise we are not in line with our greatest version of us, right? I feel  I’ve definitely lined up into the correct lane, accelerated and hit cruise control. its gonna be a busy year! I’m ready, excited and grateful to be going through this experience. I truly understand the blessings of past experiences and how they all tie in together.

Sending you all an abundance of Love.

This world is Ascending ❤


Evi Paris

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