The Sun Rises in the East.

My almost two year old woke up early today, i don’t think it was quite 6 am yet. He’s got this new idea that screaming and whaling will get him what he wants. Hes obviously been misinformed so I let him test out his theory, albeit unsuccessfully this morning for a while. A part of me also wanted to allow him to wake up his 8 year old sister.

My spidey senses were on point. By 6:30 am they were both up, happy, and ready to start their day! Sophia was even going on and on about how floaty she was feeling. The air was still outside, it was still dark. Everything sparkled from the street light. It was cold and icey. Beautiful.

That it! I searched how long we still had till the sun came up! “Sophia, get dressed! We’re going out to see the Sunrise!” I packed them both up with snacks and blankies and loaded up Big Bertha! (our jeep) Grabbed waters and coffee and left all electronic devices at home. I got my babies, no one else needs to be in this moment but us. Off we went to the local beach, that faces east!!

Although the sky looked cloudy, the horizon had a perfect break just so the sun could come out and say Hi! The steam coming off the water as day broke made everything look mystical. Like a fantasy movie. The colours started so shift slow at first, then quicker and quicker. Purple, violet, peach, blues, then oranges and yellow! The sun at the horizon made the water look like silvery silk. It was magnificent.

I took the opportunity to teach my kids about sun gazing. As she exclaimed “mom! I cant stop starring at the sun!” ..”so don’t!” I responded! We went over what sun gazing is and explained to her how its like our version of photosynthesis. We talked about the abundance of the energy the sun provides and how life can not survive without this combination on this reality. We talked about various cultures and beliefs that I’ve come across so far in my research, some that believe in nourishing only by the sun and water alone. I love watching her inquisitive mind work and beginning to wonder about more and more things no doubt.

These moments I am so grateful for. To experience such marvel and beauty. This existence, these experiences, this growth and expansion. To have them both by my side longing for the information I have to plant into them, for this is what they sought me out. The triggers they need and the environment I could create to follow the path they chose.

These new children, bringers of the new world, work together with us all. Those that woke up, those that are waking up and even those that are still asleep. We are all here, doing exactly what we are suppose to be, ushering this new earth with love, beauty, and magick.

What a beautiful sunrise this morning!

What a lovely day!

What a magickal Life!

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