Intuitive Message for the Collective

Today’s Oracle Message for the Collective comes from Manjushri, a Buddhist Deity of Wisdom who holds a sword to cut through illusions and bring about clarity and understanding.

You can hear Your Divine guidance by quieting yourself and listening. Shut out distractions and stimulation even for just a little while such as telephones, televisions and your job. No need to try to make anything happen, just take some time to be in the moment. Go for a walk, go sit in nature, go lock yourself in the car or the bathroom even. Just listen to your own thoughts, breathe, no need to be judgmental. Let your thoughts come in, and then let them go. Perhaps envision a river going downstream and place each thought as it comes, on a little boat that you release and it keeps swimming away, downstream. Then, ask your guides, your angels, yourself, any question. Listen to the thoughts as they come, listen to that inner soft voice. it speaks lovingly, directly, positively. It speaks to you softly. Your inner truth is always aligned to your highest good. It doesn’t need justifications, lists, excuses or speaks loudly, critical or demanding. It is like the guidance of a master. Patient and kind.

Sending you all clarity and love this magickal day 


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