Intuitive Message for the Collective


If you are drawn to this massage then the Bear wants to remind you to Stand Your Ground. He visits us today to remind us that boundaries are imperative on our path to our greatest good. To be who we are meant to be in our heart of hearts, we must not only define who we are, but also who we are not. Its only when we can say a clear No that we can say a clear Yes. This doesn’t mean you have to start saying No all the time, it just means that you can. Both yes and no are a clear definition of your edges and there is no obligation for a long list of reasons and justifications. Being able to define both a yes and a no actually bring clarity in decision making and the need to excuse a decision becomes unnecessary.

It’s easy to fall into habits of doing for others and not listening to our intuition. Feeling guilt that is usually placed on us by the fear reflected, not our own. While it is strong to be empathetic and selfless, self love is not only crucial, it has to be a non negotiable.  One cannot serve from an empty cup.

Take a moment before responding to a request today. Take two moments for yourself. Take three moments and go be in nature. Being kind and honest with ourselves has this magickal affect on our entire reality. It attracts the same energy because taking responsibility of our lives is empowering. Knowing what is good for us sends out a signal that attracts like vibrations. So start by listening to your body, to your heart, to your intuition. You always know the right way. It’s not for anybody else to tell you.

Sending you all an abundance of Love


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