Intuitive Message for the Collective


Positive Change

You may have been feeling like you’re being pushed out of your comfort zone lately as multiple areas of your life have been shifting and new light has been shed in areas you were not aware of before. Your likes and dislikes may be changing, but this is a great thing no matter how uncomfortable it may be feeling.

These are positive developments signaling spiritual growth. You may be outgrowing situations,  places and even people. There is no need to fear or feel guilty for such changes for the universe always has your back and is ready to support you with whatever you ask for. Let go of any expectations of how things should be and enjoy the ride, you will surprise yourself with wonderful new opportunities, people and ideas when you let go of old energies that no longer serve your greater good.

When we practice mindfulness and listen to our intuition, we are guided moment by moment towards the path that is most right for us. If you have too many distractions in your day, revamp your schedule so that you can devote regular time to your priorities. Let go of procrastination and perfectionism and break down your goals into baby steps, taking one at a time. No need for self judgment, just do your best every day and remember that your best can differ from day to day. Be assertive in saying no to anything that diverts you from your path. Over time, this habit becomes easier and you will look back and be grateful for the little steps you took towards your greatest good.

Sending you all an abundance of Love


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