Healthy Little Brunch and the Dialogue in the Brain

Brunch at the happy hippy home ❤ 😛
I was feeling a little stressed this morning but I received a message that reminded me how we have so much control over our lives but forget to take back our power. At any given moment we can use our awareness and choose our thoughts to manifest our reality. I call it ‘flipping my day’. Taking a moment to replace worrisome thoughts with happy ones. I remind myself of all my blessings and everything I’ve overcome and achieved. I look around and realize that at that exact moment I have everything I need and that any stress comes from living too much in the future. A future that hasn’t happened yet.
Although daily struggles of a single mom completely on her own with two kids can be challenging, our perception can play a huge role in either creating more problems or solving them. The more we focus on things we don’t have, the less things will work in our favor. We are essentially telling the universe to manifest more problems. When I ‘flip my day’ and focus on my blessings, I also tell myself that “I accept miracles from unexpected places’ and POOF!!.. something always comes my way that has me saying ” what the heck was I even worried about?..I GOT THIS!”
Practice awareness of the inner dialogue in your head. This is a habit that gets easier with time. Realize that we can choose what dialogue takes place rather then fall victim to it. The rambling in your head will go on anyways, why not make it work for you instead of against you?
I have also noticed another way to help keep my head clear and my intentions loving is my diet. Processed and fear laden foods create a toxic environment in our bodies and do nothing to help that jabber going on in our brains. In fact, a chemically laced diet can trigger negative feelings through chemical reactions in our brains. Little by little I have been researching, learning and implementing a plant based lifestyle for my family and our proof is in our every day lives. We are not only healthier from this , we are also calmer, clearer, more patient and kind to each other. (everything is energy) 
My kids LOVE this plant based french toast recipe.
I like to use Hemp milk as my plant milk option. It has a nice mild nutty taste the kids and I love and it is loaded with amazing nutrients and omega 3 and 6.
Nutritional Yeast is also an amazing source of B12. A great go to for many other dishes in a plant based lifestyle.
Some Juice Plus also goes a long way when it comes to bridging the gap and ensuring we all eat a well balanced, plant based diet. With over 30 fruits and veggies in there it helps create better eating habits due to cell memory. Yes, the healthier we start to eat, the more we crave it 😉
Follow the link below and visit Inspiring Healthy Living. A FB page dedicated to recipes, links and anything that I feel can inspire a healthier approach to life.
A lovely oracle message and some Yoda life lessons 😉 
Sending You All so much Love!

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