Sparking up my medicine.

its 2:55 in the afternoon. The 5’s have it. Massive changes ahead..again. I am starting to get excited for the tides to shift. To showcase all that I’ve learned…to fall and get back up again. Be it a small sidestep or a complete fumble, I now know that it always works out for the best. .. for my best!

I feel like we have been on summer mode for so long already, yet this weekend marks the summer holiday commencing communally. People celebrating Canada Day, beach packed with weekender, the weather well above a tolerable heat. I feel like I’ve successfully started the shift out of the time paradox. We do not abide by many calendar events and in small times of doubt I wonder if I’ve isolated them in a bubble. Except I know and remind myself that they (I) have burst through that bubble and are the few on the other side. We don’t wait for other to join. We simply keep going and make the way for them to find when they are ready.

Sparking up my medicine, my almost 9 year old reading a book to the toddler who in in the bath pretending to make her french toast with his water toys. So I didn’t drag my kids out in the heat to mingle in over crowded places to eat chemically laces ‘treats’. We can celebrate Canada all summer, get some face stickers. But even that feels very 3D. I’d rather find them globe stickers or rainbow and peace capes. Spread light on all calendar days, not just the ones they’ve put a sticker on.

3:03..the 3’s have it also. My fellow ascended Master continue to get my attention with very simple ways. Obvious ways. Just to keep my ego in check, in comfort with confirmations. ‘Keep going’ I hear them say just now.  I will continue to follow my inner drivers. The ones that are telling me to post this so that those that need to see this site will before there’s no way of seeing it 😉 puff puff..and the story telling continues in the next room. Now he is making her french fries. She’s on the third book.


2 thoughts on “Sparking up my medicine.

  1. Shelli says:

    It’s lovely to hear you’re all feeling so good! Good times…..summers here…FINALLY…I hope……’s still real new here in Vancouverror Canada. Best wishes…

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