Can I have a dad too Mom?!

My two year old, Orion: ” Mom, I like Soph’s dad”

“Yeah baby, you like Sophia’s dad? What do you like about him?

“Mom, I wanna be alone with Soph’s dad”

“Oh baby, you wanna be alone too with Soph’s dad? You want your own dad?”

“Yeah mom! I wanna be alone too with a dad too.”

“Awe my sweet sweet boy. I Love you so much.”

What could I expect from a toddler? One who sees his friends sometimes have ‘a dad’ around. Or his sister recently has been seen her dad for mere moments supervised with me here and there. But he just sees it as something he can’t share. Like a shiny new truck or train. Next I bet he will be asking if we can go buy ‘a dad’ at the store. Now that would be hilarious given my circumstances. Not that I’m complaining but having one dad come and go as he feels and the other choosing to not see him ever, perhaps ‘a dad’ at a store may not be such a bad idea. Maybe he will be on sale too! Or even on Clearance!! Score 😉

Lessons are so very valuable, and I’m in a place where I can not only see the value in some of mine, but even appreciate and be grateful for them. Being a single mom has many challenges..but then so does being a parent in any shape or form. We just take on the challenges in stride as best we can and grow from every wave of expansion we live through.

I am proud of the parent I am to my kids, the growth I’ve experienced, all the challenges I’ve overcome and all of my achievements or better yet, Goals reached. Dreams manifested. Miracles witnessed. These kids are something else though. I often figure its more them raising me to their level and me just keeping up with providing the environment they need and the ever evolving version of me they require. Thank you kids ❤

We are at another cross roads for a next chapter, a next level, next phase. Call it what you wish, I feel it brewing. I feel the puzzle pieces lining up to open up the plausibilities waiting on this vibration I have worked so hard to revisit. Its been a long time since I have been here. I have spent several years removing lower frequencies from my reality as to better align with this alternate reality. Their best version, to be raised for a new Earth. Thank you, my wonderful children, for inspiring me to strive for the Light. To work at living in my heaven so that you don’t need to spend years in your future healing from unnecessary traumas.

The New world does not adhere to a strict belief systems such as ‘a dad’. Having a title means nothing. Having ANY tittle is very passe, very egotistic, fear based. To place a tittle so that to expect to be addressed, treated and perhaps even respected a certain way will be a thing of the past. Because you are ‘a dad’ means nothing to a child without such a reality. Its like a kid that grew up with no grandparents. Or an only child versus kids with multiple siblings. You just know what you know, what you’ve experienced. And my son like my daughter are experiencing authentic love. People in their lives that come with loving intentions and zero expectations. How magickal it will be for them, to be able to just look back and say “wow! I was surrounded by Love!”


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