A little bit of mindfulness..

I am grateful for all the time I have committed to practicing boundary setting. It is starting to serve me well in staying balanced and in my own frequency. I am here to help but can not assist if I am not staying authentic in my being.
Instead of absorbing their fear,  I will radiate my Love, my truth.
I will radiate my light, my knowledge.
I will be grateful for our energy exchange and I will appreciate their place and their vibration.
Thank you and enjoy your experiences! I am listening to my avatar, my vibration, my intuition and my emotions.
I am selfishly loving me and learning to let others do the same in the best way I can moment to moment. 
I too once didn’t know what I know now and I need to remind some humbleness into me from time to time. I will look back in the future and remember my ignorance at this moment too. We all just keep growing whether we actively choose to or not. Experiences have a funny way of doing that.
My experience has taught me that selfishly following my needs while being kind to others offers me a reality of peace and attracts like-minded souls around me.
Its the opposite of a bubble that I place myself in. Its actually more like removing myself from a box..a cage, trapped with souls that fill me with fear and confrontation. Why? For what purpose? There are 8 billion souls out there in human form alone and there is no need to be tethered to something that brings us down. Not food, not environments, not people and not even our own thoughts.
I make choices moment to moment by asking myself what I’m feeling? What would make me comfortable, happy, safe? Do I need to know this? Do I really need to ask? Do I need to go there? Do I need to invite that energy in? Do I want to take on this challenge?Do i need to eat this?..and so on and so on as each experience comes around. I am building a relationship with myself so that I can communicate authentically and make decisions that are truly in my best interest.
Throughout our existence we have been pumped full of other people’s belief systems, ideas and biases. So I have found that constant communication with myself has helped me differentiate between beliefs that are my own or ones that were imposed on me.
I am starting to be clear with my authentic vibration and removing all that was layered over me in the process of my growing up in our society. Growing up in our families, with our peers, with our advertising and our politics. With our religion and even due to our geographical location.
I try my best everyday to live in the moment and actively question myself. Question my reality. Make choices that alter that reality and therefore live in what I consciously create. I repeat this process over and over again to the best of my ability every day. Some days I am more aware of doing this then others. I try over and over again every day, all the while reprogramming my brain. Building new habits that generate a new reality that feels, looks, and vibrates more and more like my heaven on Earth.
I am so grateful to be here, right now. Being able to consciously consider this concept, which only propels me to a higher awareness…and I continue this process actively, over and over again…

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