Morning gratitude spilling la laaaa!

The secret to life is to be like a kid and live in the now full of imagination and gratitude.

I figure that’s why kids with authoritative caregivers can’t wait to grow up. They feel repressed and it makes sense to them that if they become the adults they will experience a sense of freedom but instead repeat a cycle of dis-ease. Often they grow up not even remembering being a kid or with traumatic memories of their childhood. Being left without the warmth of their innocence.

So I figure raising my kids where I strive to capture their fun loving, care free, in the moment nature is the best route for us both! They revel in their childhood with the confidence to follow their creativity and I heal through play and imagination I strive to copy from them.

Every day I’m practicing awareness and though I am responsible for us three in all the three dimensional ways, there is no excuse to not work on myself and the removal of all the false beliefs placed on me through generations of fear based habits from unhealed trauma.

Everyday I practice reprogramming my brain by changing my reactions that were taught to me through my parents, my peers, and my society.

Everyday I try my best to consciously acknowledge that now is all that matters and make my moment to moment decisions accordingly, from a place of love and not fear.

I love playing with these kids and marveling at our world instead of being afraid of it. I love learning about myself the way I encourage them to learn about themselves. Do what makes them sing! Say what gives them peace. Explore what drives their soul!

I feel so grateful, to be in a place with such duality, so much emotion, so much unknown. Realizing that that’s where I chose to be. Here in the now, reveling in this experience.


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