Authentically la laaaaa!

What is authenticity… I’ve come to regard it as confidence to be yourself. The devolved habit of not focusing on other people’s opinions, perspectives and beliefs. It’s the awareness of self and living moment to moment freely to do as one pleases as long as they don’t hurt another. One can not willingly hurt another when we realize how being a better version of ourselves assists all those around us anyway! By simply removing low vibrations from our reality in the form of fear, jealousy, greed, bitterness, guilt, gossip, toxic environments, food, people, and thoughts, we elevate our vibration and help elevate the vibrations of those around us too! When a new parent does all in their know-how to keep a baby safe, healthy and loved, that baby’s vibration is felt by everyone they come in contact with. It’s a quantum truth as we essentially are energy. So to me, living authentically equates to vibrating a clean, clear, high frequency. This allows me to receive such energies back in the form of like minded friends, abundance, clear and frequent channeling and a constant state of serendipity! Bazinga! As I diligently work on self from moment to moment, I experience my reality from a place of love and joy. My little heaven. I do my best everyday, accepting that my best is different from day to day. This, for me, has been a game changer. The concept of authenticity has in it many levels that bleed into our lives, our perceptions, our reality. It starts with being honest to the person who it’s harder to be honest with…ourselves.


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