Mom, come and read to me?!!

I was typing out a response to someone regarding a quantum principal, during a very enlightening conversation…and my toddler interrupts and demands I read him his book.
There is lots I’ve come to realize through the experiences I’ve observed on others as well as from my own and I was able to consciously be present in that moment and make a decision that better served my soul. So I left whatever I was typing and sat with him on the couch.
After I read the book and then he read it back to me , twice, I prepared him a snack and eventually got back to my response. As I sat there, in front of my laptop, the answer I was trying to articulate seemed to flow easier then before. The words I needed to use flowing out of me seamlessly.
That’s when I gave myself a nod of confirmation to the clarity I experienced and the awareness I implemented. It served both my son and myself in a greater way. A far greater way then I even initially acknowledged.
My energy balanced, I was able to channel the information I needed to much clearer.
My Son did not receive another NO in a reality where he already receives far too many.
I didn’t miss out on a chance to share a moment with this little growing child.
He created a loving memory with his mother.
We were both left feeling loved, joyful and calm.
In the past, when my daughter was younger, I would have behaved differently. Through my upbringing (be it personal or social)I was habitually programmed to prioritize myself.  I’d shut her off till I was finished or have responded selfishly. Or, through my efforts to break habits, I would have given in to her, albeit reluctantly, and have spent my time with her half disengaged.
Instead, this time, I was having an inner mind chat (as I always do, no distraction there lol) and reminded myself to stay present. I stayed impersonal and objectively looked at the timing of it all.
I thought how the friend I was responding to lived in another timezone and my answer was not expected there immediately anyways. I was seeing how my son’s timing may have actually been perfect.  I reminded myself that since nothing is coincidence, then nothing is a distraction really either. I just had to be present and open minded enough to accept that moment as it was unfolding.
Children grow so fast, and for me the six year difference my kids have makes this fact very obvious. I am beyond grateful for the lessons I am able to learn as I go. These kids chose me for a reason. Whether they are aware of it or not, I feel I am obligated to being the best version of myself I can be,so that they can have a starting point for their own future growth. I want them to see vulnerability, growth and humbleness. I want them to see perfect imperfection, and I am the most authentic example I can offer them.

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