I am not linear.

To know me is to know that I interrupt when we are talking and I get passionate and my voice gets loud. If you saw my laptop you’d see an average of 10-30 tabs always open. My local library always has a book or two on hold, while a have a few on the go already that I’m reading, and quite possibly half of them are already late. My journals and notebooks are always in a pile with notes in them and pens hooked on. I’m constantly scribbling down ideas and information that comes to me. Lots of drawings of various shapes and places and times. Colouring pages and lists! Lots of lists! Lists of things to look up, things to question, books to look for and music to listen to. I am always looking for things to learn and instead find more things I remember. I am not scattered, I am not linear. I am a multidimensional being who has tapped into the frequency of light. That is where all our information, memories and realities exist. Our akashic records are there for us to see, we just have to stop looking for them. Do you want to follow me down the rabbit hole? The only way in is within yourself. We all have a secret doorway. Come and join me. This ride is so fun!!! One layer at a time  ~paris

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