Creative Energy On The Horizon

I’ve come to refer to myself as an on-the-spot-channel. I mean, when we are aligned with source we are all our own channels, but I often have direct messages for others as well as myself. Like a tap on the shoulder,and someone whispering to me and speaking then I have to relay what they said. I have phrases that come out of me like verbal diarrhea. I couldn’t stop myself from spitting out what gets said even if I tried. Anyone authentic enough with themselves to not be triggered negatively by my (sometimes) off the wall comments recognizes the message that resonates. Sometimes on the spot, sometimes later. One of the best things I’ve done for myself on my path is finally trust and listen to what comes out.

The New Moon just passed and it was a pivotal one. There is a lot of work happening in frequencies not seen/heard/understood by the 3D human but that doesn’t mean its not affecting us all. I have been so excited for this Autumn/Winter part of our seasons. Right into early spring I sense so much exciting energies ahead. A lot of deep healing in conjunction with a lot of creative and expressionistic time in our reality. Not sure which is fueling which but its all connected either way so its irrelevant. Creativity has many forms and is not limited to actually creating physically tangible things like art, objects, food, writing, expressions of any kind. It can be creative thinking, being and perceiving. It can be any sort of action we gravitate to that will ultimately open new paths, create new habits, bring us together with new people and fresh experiences.

We are in the tail end of year 2018 = 11* . This has been a very powerful, intuitively action packed year and for many has triggered massive healing. We are accelerating and with 11.11.11 coming up, we are about to flow through these last few months with a noticeable punch! 2019 speaks to us in the vibration of 3. The creative and clear energy that will poor out of so many of us will accelerate this global shift once again. We are so far ahead of perceivable possible futures that the timeline shifts have required extra work. So many on the other side of the veil are working double time (so to speak) arranging and rearranging what is needed for us on our path at this time

I was especially excited for 2018 as it aligns with my Life Path Number. Although it has felt quite calm and peaceful, it actually has been full of massive lessons, tremendous accomplishments and exponential inner growth. I went through stages that may have appeared stagnant when a lot of inner (conscious and unconscious) work was being done. Heading into the cold season, my on-the-spot-channel blurts out that massive shifts are occurring again. So much creativity and healing will continue to occur. In my home, I am excited for high vibration days where time stands still and there’s creativity flowing out of this close nit crew. We are each other’s muses for now and it starts with encouraging each other’s aspirations. I flow with their passions and they continue to revel in my free spirited ways  that are appearing to be picking up pace. More external work will be taking place these next several months and the glimmer in their eyes inspires and motivates me like nothing else!!

My tribe is reaching out to me more the more I live in my authenticity. I prioritize my focus on the source that is ‘I’ and not just on the other many hats I can wear each day. The more I am able to serve all my needs in a more balanced manor, the more I feel like I’m fed an inner fuel..with NOS. The clearer I maintain my frequency, the more amazing things that get channeled through. As I sift through further and remove lower frequencies in my reality from a place of Love, higher frequencies come and fill the space. The magick is overwhelming yet it feels like Home. My body rapidly adjusting and my consciousness remembering what its like to hold so much light.

We are so loved. The galactic federations and energies that are tuned into this massive event are so proud, supportive and offer us Love during this undertaking. We are starting to wake up to our potential and it is magnificent to watch. Thank you to all who, like me, are tackling their shadow self and continuing on a path to their alignment. Thank you to all who are assisting us by serving in our duality. Grateful for all the energies on the old Earth, all the energies cross over in the New Earth and all energies that are a part of this ascension on all levels of consciousness.

Sending us all Love ❤ ~ paris



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