The Undeniable Shift

I want to continue telling the world about what is happening, shaking people awake, planting seeds. For the longest time it was fueling my thirst for knowledge, energizing me as I grew and served with what I was remembering.  I couldn’t wait to share what I was discovering, I couldn’t wait to discover more. I was (and still am) delighted to meet other souls who were starting to see as well. Who were starting to remove the veil, peel back the at a time.

But something inside stirs again, I feel restless and I know I am not channeling my energy fully the way I could be, now. Things have changed again, another shift has occurred – this time its more clear. The release was almost visible. The timeline jump was so obvious. The version of me that was in that last reality simply isn’t in this one. I released what was not of service. …and I continue.

I am starting to step out more, and ready to transmute faster. I am ready to teach without being drained. I am ready to shift my boundaries for the greater good of us all. I am ready to be more present in my now’s and allow my day to make space for all my endeavors, all my priorities, all my joys. I love all my characters, all my roles, all the things that require my presence.

I allow the flow of the universe to occur all while responding from an aware and present state of consciousness. I wear many roles and recognize the contract with other souls these roles have signed up for. I realize our human perception often deceives us and I allow all moments to pass by with gratitude and awareness.

I am here to assist but I am starting to remove my old programmed ideas of what that means for me. I continue to live by intuition, teach through clear frequencies and love with an open heart. I release anyone else’s expectation of what I am supposed to be doing and how I am supposed to be doing it. I am not here to copy. I am here to create. I am here to light up and shake up. I am here to take the hits and not break. I am here to plant seeds that fracture deep within. I watch them crack, take on their fear and chaos and release it. I am here to shift us. ..I am not alone.

I remember a lot and as my path continues to unveil itself I am excited for so much more to be seen, felt, and understood. I have worked hard to remove many low density things that distract my clarity. The more I filter the low frequencies out, the easier it becomes – and yet this does not isolate me, it allows me to immerse myself in service. I can continue on when the distractions put there on purpose do not affect me the way they ought to. I can show others how possible it is to live peacefully. One simple choice at a time.

WE DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE THE FEAR ON. We do not have to participate in the circus. We do not have to perpetuate the cycle they want us on. All we have to do is Step Off! Yes. Its so simple. Disengagement from their chaos is not apathy when we remember that everything IS energy, and by feeding our energy to a low frequency, we are simply expanding it’s reach. Why continue? Because that’s what we have been doing for so long? That’s ok, it all happened as it should, and now we simply need to wake up and disengage. And just like that POOF! A new reality takes its place. A higher frequency version.

The thing with frequencies is that its still energy and energy is ever moving and never dies. The higher the frequency, the faster the movement. The lower the frequency, the slower the motion. So when we remove low frequency obstacles and allow our frequency to increase, things start to move much, much faster. This is quantum truth. It is undeniable.

The key to shifting the frequency is removal, not change. We do not need to TRY to live in a higher frequency. Our bodies naturally want to help us get there. That is why we manifest dis-ease when we are in a low frequency reality. Energy is slow moving or most likely trapped. So by the removing of what is blocking the high frequency, we naturally find our way back to the higher state.

Some key things that we can remove from our low, dense, three dimensional reality are poor choices, poor habits, and poor thoughts. We can eat high frequency food, plant based, clean, no altering and modifying. We can disengage from draining activities such as gossip, addictions, envy, and lust. We can dive deep into the root of our greed, jealousy, anger, hate and really acknowledge our fears. We can work on healing our traumas and releasing our grudges. We can forgive our daemons and recognize that duality is not real. .. That up is really down, that pain is expansion and that fear is love.

The New Earth is here and I am already on it. I invite all to join me here and offer my assistance to those I am meant to assist. I am not here to align with everyone, but someone is here for You. You are Not alone and we are all united in consciousness. We are all witnessing the most incredible evolution we have ever participated in. An evolution of our collective conscious while simultaneously jumping dimensions and ascending to our New Earth! We are making history in a space with no time. Magick.

Evi Paris.

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