Dear Future Lover

I am ready for a future I will not plan. When I exist in the now, I am present for the next moment. ~Evi Paris

Dear: Future Lover,

I have decided to start writing to you. As I progress on my journey in this New World, I continue to remove all that no longer serves me. This includes habitual mind chatter about lovers past. Some were only slightly significant, some were earth splitting catalysts..but I digress.

I have decided to turn my attention to you when needed. As I reprogram my brain and create new neural pathways, I will develop our relationship. Currently, it is a party of one vessel. It’s by far the best party I have ever been to! This most welcoming, loving, kind and attentive environment fills me with gratitude. I feel safer then ever before.

There is a body guard at the door with a more aware screening process. I now check in with self often to see how I am feeling around others. I asses how much energy I am offering someone without feeling drained in return. At this stage of my journey I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ve met in person but I filtered you out. Perhaps even more then once.

Diving Deep Into Me.
Feeling myself
Loving Myself
I deserve It
~ Evi Paris

My sweet love, our union has to reflect my relationship with myself. At the moment, physical stimulations are off the table. Some old school correspondence is not only therapeutic, but mandatory. There are so many layers of deep heeling I signed up for. The physical, sensual, erotic actions have triggers and three dimensional demands. I choose to push past comfort zones in order to dive deep, way past the surface. My love, us in the physical would delay my inner dive. I know what I am doing, following my truth.

So many memories, so much trauma, to blend another vessel in with such active energy is just a veer off my path…what? ..squirrel! No…wait, I was saying: I love my own space right now, during this expansion. However, I do want to celebrate with you. That, to me, is erotic. The liberation I feel at the moment has me tingling all over! Joyful in my childlike glee. I shiver with excitement.

Anytime I need some comfort, you are always there with a smile of adoration, a kiss on my forehead and you say “It’s OK!” I hear you, thank you ~ Evi Paris

I have past the point of no return. We have days before we move out of our home and on to our next chapter. In under 60 days I shifted my trajectory and sold or donated all our possessions. The kids and I are free to let the wind guide our next adventure. We are safe in a frequency of FAITH. Living in the moment allows us to face each challenge with gratitude and overcome it with wisdom. We are ready to radiate an existence I once did not think possible. I am ready to assist and continue in my expansion.

My delicious partner, I see you in my future but send love to you from afar. Be where you need to be and grow where you need to grow. I will write to you soon and speak to you often. I see you in my mind and feel you on my skin. Your hands familiar right down to your feet. I smell your scent and turn my head. The sun warms my face and I smile. I am free to discover myself and the fun has just begun. I left all the fears behind, not before kissing them each on the cheek. I whisper to you as I did them: “I love you. Thank you. I am happy. I am Free.”

With Love and Gratitude,

Evi Paris, Your Future Love.

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