Vagabond in Innisfil

Six years ago I walked away from a dying life and started to transition into a new one.

In a step I never thought I’d take, I moved away from the hustle and bustle of Toronto and retreated to a little town by lake Simcoe.

Three months ago, I thought that traveling the world sprung to me like a bold and brave idea out of the blue. 
As I sit and reflect on these past 6 years, since moving to Innisfil, having lived in 9 different homes, perhaps my vagabond lifestyle was being molded without me being able to articulate it.

The vagabond requires work to be done prior to any actual traveling to release one’s self from the ties of a life they may be actually fleeing from.

Vagabonding, for me, is not a vacation, its a lifestyle, a mindset. It is not a bandaid method of not dealing with inner healing. It is the next phase in self-discovery. It is reintegration into the fellowship of our species after a long period of isolation, removal, and rebirth.

Image may contain: 1 person, ocean, beach, sky, child, outdoor, water and nature

In this picture, I am taking time to rest. To heal. To recharge. To connect with my then 3.5-year-old. She was the same age then as my son is now. Prior to then she only knew a life of 7am daycares and 6pm pickups. She knew a busy mom with distractions and triggers, chaos and exhaustion.

She watched her mom isolate and self-work. She watched her mom learn how to breathe again. And now we spread our wings with our little sidekick in tow.

We are gonna beach bum it for a bit in the beginning… country to country. I miss the salty air I grew up with. These lakes were magickal..time to expand again!

Evi Paris

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