Abundance is found with Gratitude

I was reflecting this evening while sitting at the beach, watching the kids play at the park. The sun starting to set. What a magickal day it’s been!

I feel like I’ve been out of touch from gratitude lately. Feeling overwhelmed and short fused was starting to become an unwelcomed normal again and I was starting to get frazzled.

Overspent, by my own expectations. It seemed silly that after all I’ve learned and implemented I’d find myself in this old, toxic, and familiar territory.

Today, however, I managed to get through to my ego. I mentored myself out of my limited perspective and brought me back to my faith.

I reminded myself about the arrow metaphor. So often, expansion can shift us back a step, to properly prepare us to be shot forward. Like an arrow. As I find myself in a transitioning phase on my path, I am revisiting lessons to be better prepared for the next chapter.

A vagabond, but still in Canada. My expectations getting the better of me no more. I remind myself that not only have I come so far in such a short time, but my current state is not a setback. We are travelling. We are exploring. We are existing in the now. Every day a new adventure, every experience offering growth.

The kids and I are adjusting, learning, working out kinks – all while still in familiar territory. What a blessing! A home in an incredible location with so much freedom. The only restrictions are my own fears I play out. Today was a testament to that.

As I took the day to realign my inner dialogue, the universe kept proving how effective a mind shift change can be when co-creating our reality. We just need to open our minds to it. (and our eyes and ears). Magickal souls creating miracles around me. Support and gratitude being showered down on me. My kids experience a life full of joy.

We always have everything we need…and with that, I am simply going to keep reminding myself on days I struggle to feel abundant: just pause everything and take a moment or two to just INjoy everything in my Now.

Evi Paris

2 thoughts on “Abundance is found with Gratitude

  1. Vihani says:

    Great post! And yes I totally agree with the fact that you have mentioned “We always have everything we need” 🙂 gratitude can change our lives and thoughts in wonderful ways ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

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