This journey in the New Earth is through conscious choice.

Today, I allowed another traveling mom to trigger fears that don’t really exist in my reality anymore. She saw my daughter as a possible future helpless victim which triggered me, not for my daughter, but the lack of faith this mom has in the world. The lack of compassion she holds for the humans that inhabit this earth.

Fear from her energy stabbed me like a knife as she went on, projecting a mother’s worst fears. Fears I no longer share.

How do I explain to her that my daughter is safer now then she was in her old reality of ‘normalcy’.

How do I explain to her that what looks like a small child, is a very wise, very capable and very experienced human.

How do I explain to this mom that my daughter is safer in a foreign city like Merida, alone in the house even, then she was on a weekend visit with her dad in Toronto?

How do I explain to her that my intuition and our telepathic connection serves us well because my daughter and I have been practicing for years?

I don’t.

I cant.

There is no way to shift another’s frequency with just your words.

How do I shake off this false fear paradigm as it is not my own and does not serve me or my daughter?

I work on my own energy.

I found myself sending this mom love as I was sad for the reality that she lives in. Anxiety, judgments, worry, assumptions. It all sounds so draining. I found myself thanking her for reminding me of where I’ve come from, by making me feel so uncomfortable to exist in such a barbaric reality. I found myself a bit shocked as I live in a very different reality. I can now imagine how an innocent new being feels when we project old-world social fear narrative on them? It’s not apathy and it certainly is not delusional to step away from it.

It’s quantum.

My kids and I choose to exist in a reality without false fears. We exist in the awareness that we create our reality. I am grateful for the reminder created through duality. I get to practice mindful conscious thought.

I am given the opportunity to dive deep and ask the important questions: Why am I triggered? What fear inside of me requires attention. What is my ego trying to shield and protect me from? I found I got a bit offended that she would question my parenting. But then I remember that it’s not personal. It never is. She projects her own fears and insecurities about her reality and it does not affect mine unless I take on her belief and make it my own.

I chose not to.

The best way for me to regain my own balance is to look around and remind myself how incredibly grateful I am for all that is around me. I get to raise these two incredibly high-frequency beings. I get to continually work on my self mastery. I get to travel the world in a higher dimension. I get to help in this global ascension. I get to exist in the present moment with gratitude and Joy. I get to create my reality in a clear and abundant frequency.

I am safe.

I am joyful.

I am loved.

~Evi Paris

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