I Lost My Son In Mexico!

Three months into our Mexico stay, I experienced most parent’s worst nightmare: I lost my son in Mexico.

Orion and the neighborhood cat that has adopted us. Merida, Mexico.

Early in 2019, my kids and I decided to get rid of almost all our possessions and start traveling around the world. We had been living a nomadic lifestyle for about 7 months when I lost my son, Orion, at an evening market in Mexico.

When we were preparing to set off on our nomadic adventure, many people naturally and innocently projected their fears on us in forms of concerned warning and sound advice. I, however, having survived my own personal hell while being a single mom already, didn’t see it the same way. Families raising kids are everywhere and there can be more danger in our current province we lived in then while living as a nomadic, traveling family.

As a parent, certain precautions will always be taken no matter where we are geographically. An almost 4-year-old spirited boy will always give you a run for your money. I have much faith in Orion’s maturity, awareness, and level of understanding but distractions will always be present. The trust that your parent will be there to make sure your world is safe is a built-in belief system at that age.

Visiting the local square during the day.

Merida Mexico is a very family-oriented city. Children’s parks are not only in abundance, but they also are usually almost always gated, lit, and secure. The park at our local square is no exception. It is a large three-block square with a park on one side, basketball and tennis courts in the other, and big open spaces that turn into a good size night vendor market on Saturday evenings. Since moving to that local AirBnB for our 3-month stay, we had visited that nearby park and market already several times.

My little boy had built up his confidence.

Orion playing in the park at the local square.

As we walk through the vendors, he asks to go play in the park. The play area is enclosed with a fence and I decide to stop at a vendor’s table right next to that entrance. I turn to his sister who is asking me about something and during our brief window shop I frequently check over into the play area to spot him. Suddenly, I glanced over looking for his bright yellow shirt and my heart stops. My brain starts running an overload of commands and programs.

I don’t see Orion anywhere.

My eyes dart back and forth as this monotone voice comes out of me that I don’t recognize: “I can’t see him, I don’t see Orion.” I turn to my daughter who has a poker face and is just staring back at me. I suppose a part of me was hoping this almost 10-year-old knew more than I and had caught sight of him. Nope. Nothing.

My voice starts getting higher and louder.

“Orion. Orion? ORION???!!! ORI??!! “

My world stops, yet somehow a million thoughts enter my mind all at once and it speeds up time. It felt like hours were passing with every breath I chocked in and I begin to focus on the need to find him quick.

“ORION?!!??? ”

My eyes dart everywhere. To the dozens of vendors set up all around us, to the park where I saw him last, to the convenient store across the road..I even started frantically looking inside passing cars. All the while I was fighting with programming that told me something bad had happened. No. Not possible. Not in my reality. But where is he??

I was aware of all the other parents around me, I could feel their eyes on me. I felt their compassion directed at me as they could hear the panic in my voice. Here I am, a mom, frantically looking for her little boy. A kind-looking man stepped up to me and started asking me questions. Even though we didn’t speak the same language he was forcefully trying to get me to answer what I quickly understood was him asking for the colour of Orion’s shirt. My eyes just kept darting back and forth across the square, back to my stone-faced daughter, quickly over to the man offering to help, then back again to the square and any passing vehicle that caught my attention.

I couldn’t think properly to answer the kind man. I heard my daughter, Sophia, attempt to communicate with him but paid little attention to it. She too can not speak the language and my brain dismissed the fact that they might actually be communicating. My awareness was on spotting him and pushing away indoctrinated fears from MSM that were trying to force their way in.

Saturday Night Market in Tixcacal Opichen

Finally, sweet music to my ears: In the distance, I hear Orion crying. I look over, spot him, and run right to him. I scoop him up and spend then next long while holding him tightly while trying to catch my breath. Sophia is quietly standing next to me and I see the man quietly step away and retreat back to his spot at the park.

Overwhelming gratitude starts to spread over me. Grateful my son was back in my arms. Grateful my daughter was at my side. Grateful that the fears placed on me were proven false – my faith confirmed. I looked around and saw so many families around me. I felt them. No-one was judging. No-one was laughing. No-one was even gawking. They understood. They empathized. They were many of them parents and all of them human. I felt safe, relieved and slightly foolish. I’ve spent so many years practicing mindfulness. To respond instead of to react. The lessons are never-ending, clearly.

Later that night my daughter explained to me that her poker face was a result of her lack of fear. She said she knew we would find him. A child living in the new earth – I don’t expose her to MSM or fear propaganda news. Her thoughts didn’t jump to an indoctrinated fear because she simply does not reside in that reality.

My son was able to later also explain that he started crying when another adult went to reach out for him and he suddenly realized that adult wasn’t his mom. Apparently, a vendor was selling pixar Car character die-cast cars and Orion was like a moth to the flame. Oblivious to his surroundings until his surroundings interrupted his gaze. As he was almost 4, we had discussed on some level, many times, the importance of being aware of our surroundings and staying close to each other. Sometimes events occur to align with many soul path lessons. Perhaps it wasn’t just the lesson for me to stay mindful and positive but also for Orion to be vigilant and a confirmation to listen to his mother’s teachings.

Sophia and Orion in Merida, Yucatan.

The lesson was also for the three of us. The world is a big place but it is also a small community. Ultimately, everywhere we go there will be families, children, homes, businesses, parks, etc. A country’s border can divide us, but we are all still humans with a connection that stems deep like the roots of trees. We instinctively come together at times of need and language barriers cease to exist.

I am so grateful I can travel with my young kids. I feel this experience is just what their path requires of them for when they are ready to spread their wings and fly. As I continue on my path of healing by removing false paradigms, this experience served as a confirmation for our New Earth Rainbow Journey: We are all Love. More specifically, Mexico is full of lovely people and beautiful places and so many lies that north-americans are fed quickly are proven false when you come and experience the truth for yourself.

Thank you Mexico.

Forever grateful, the rainbow crew!

Evi Paris

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