There is a Snake in our Airbnb!

The adventures continue on this New Earth Rainbow Journey, each one always pushing us through new comfort zones. Last night was certainly no exception.

It was around 3am and I had just gotten comfortable in my bed on the living room floor, binging on a Netflix show. Sophia had shut off the last light for me no more than about 30 minutes prior, on her way to bed. The windows were all open as we are going through what feels like another heatwave here in Merida. All of a sudden I start hearing this soft rustling noise. For a little while, I dismiss it, thinking it is some of Orion’s toys left outside, perhaps they’re blowing around in the breeze. After several minutes, my attention creeps back to the rustling noise and this time I realize it’s coming from inside the house. It had been a lazy few days and I let Orion go nuts with his mess, and it suddenly dawned on me that I should investigate what is causing his toy wrapper to move on the floor next to me.I grab my cell, casually turn on the flashlight as the only other light is coming from my laptop screen. I shine it towards the noise and my heart all of a sudden just stops. There, sprawled out not 7 feet from me is this massive snake. It must be at least over 5 feet in length, and he is moving from one side of the wall to the other.

All my indoctrinated fears rise to the surface and I am immobilized. What do I do? My resourcefulness, however, has already kicked in and I have closed Orion’s door, taken pictures and messaged a local single traveling mom chat group for support and any advice. I have also messaged my Airbnb host and have gone in to tell Sophia who instantly gets excited and wants to keep the snake as a new pet.

What do you do as a single mom traveling nomadically, living in Mexico, and a big snake decides to come into your house in the middle of the night? Many thoughts ran through my mind. In spite of my initial fear, adrenaline kicks in and I’m thinking of which pillowcase would be the biggest to use and try to catch the snake. But then a thought enters which is always my 3D self reminding me of how my ego jumps in to try and help. If something happens to me, who will watch these kids?

I called 911. Yes, that is actually the emergency response number here in Mexico. And let me tell you, the service is impeccable. You can start off by requesting an English speaking dispatch and someone comes on right away. The response time is incredibly quick with the Mexican police here in Merida and the lads (4 of them showed up) were all very kind-looking, with kindness in their actions and giggles on their faces as they each confronted the large snake who had now curled up into a tight ball beside the couch. It was clearly a bit overwhelmed by the attention and the initial shock my energy must have vibrated towards it. The cops quickly, and humanely, grabbed the snake and assured me it will be released out of the subdivision and closer to the mountainside.

The entire adventure occurred in less then an hour, but it took a long time to get back to sleep mode after. My eyes kept darting around, making sure I wasn’t missing some other stowaway animal that may have taken up residence with us too. I was so thrilled at the ease the situation took care of itself and I felt a sense of pride for overcoming such events while traveling with the kids. I felt safe and I have been reflecting a lot of the fears that surfaced at the sight of the snake.

So much 3D indoctrination and ignorance, I see the fearlessness displayed by my 10-year-old daughter and I realize her courage comes from clear, unbiased, critical thinking. Her ego doesn’t have the practice of jumping in and protecting her. Her heart, instead, speaks first with compassion, curiosity, and joy.

This is just one example of the reason for these travels. To shatter the old paradigms, one adventure at a time. To reprogram myself for a world my children are assisting me in to. A world where we dispel false fear propaganda, smash through the separation narrative and flip the victim mentality to one of strength and courage. We Are Living in the New Earth.

Evi Paris

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