Nomadic single mom of two: Worldschooling in Merida on a casual Saturday.

Yesterday, the NERJ Crew (the kids and I) finally got to go to the Merida English Library (MEL). It was under renovations since we arrived in the city, and from what I’ve heard, English libraries can be a luxury when you are a worldschooler. We took the 60 pesos car ride into Centro (the downtown core of Merida) and made a day of it.

We arrived at the library casually late for the kid storytime and this in itself is a big deal in my personal healing. Growing past complex PTSD has many, many small steps that assist in unraveling our true self and removing conditioning. My anxiety used to be through the roof for such an outing. Not really wanting to go and fight it as I knew I should, Instincts talking to me, but fears making me misunderstand what was being said. I would stress to ensure we are all punctual and ‘proper’. Something I have worked on for a couple of years now and the simple choice of arriving when is best for my family and the emotion of self-compassion instead of shame, guilt and anxiety is not so simple in hindsight. I consider how my daughter observes my growth and I welcome her feedback, which she always has plenty of, thankfully. I appreciate the reassurance.

As we arrive at MEL, I am reassured again when Orion wants nothing to do with the other kids and storytime. My intuition WAS right. He is excited by the book and toy area though and even joins in the day’s craft. He ends up decorating TWO masks, one for his sleepy sister.

She has not been up this early since the last moving day a month and a half ago. The library also had this marvelous terrace that overlooked a few very developed, very beautiful backyards. Bamboo, trees, plants, a few pools, beautiful buildings with intricate iron and stonework. Vines and string light all around, we are definitely coming back here on an evening MEL is open late.

Finally, I cave to Sophia’s pleading to go to a restaurant, which I was avoiding. Mainly because we had a ton of food and snacks in my back-pack, but also, I was trying to stretch the day out. Getting these guys out of the house can sometimes be a mission. We google mapped and decided on 100% Natural, a restaurants about 5 blocks away. It ended up being AMAZING!

The food, the smoothies, even the dessert Sophia and I split while the (almost) 4-year-old was passed out in the booth seat. It was lovely. We ate well, relaxed, Sophia and I connected, Orion gave me his time out..glorious.

Then, since we were in the heart of the city and it was a cool temperature afternoon, we walked around and ran a few errands like hitting a bank, wondered into a handful of stores, mostly distractions that caught Orion’s attention. And eventually stretched the early evening further with some ice cream at Santa Clara. Their ice cream is really top-notch!

The day didn’t cost me very much, Sophia and I often do comparisons to what it would have cost ‘back home’. A home that no longer exists. We have been educated to stop comparing when you want to live like a local. Locals wouldn’t compare to other countries. They would just look for what they could afford as any of us do ‘back home’, wherever that may be.

Life as nomads is getting better and better by the day, as we are becoming more present and more grateful. Another month or so before travel again, I’m sure the rhythm will shift. Loving slow traveling. I’m excited for what is up ahead.

~Evi Paris

2 thoughts on “Nomadic single mom of two: Worldschooling in Merida on a casual Saturday.

  1. Valerie Davenport says:

    Loved your interview w/Christy aka Black Swan Sibyl! I am a newbie (about 4 years) in the spiritual path. I am in constant awe of the lessons, synchronicities, downloads, energy flow, collective consciousness, etc. Enjoying life as NEVER before. Like you, when I first started to wake-up it was in the midst of my most difficult challenges. Anyway, it was a pleasure connecting virtually…nameste.

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