Tapping into the frequency of Abundance.

Abundance is not always money. People often tie the two together, but that is very misleading.

Abundance is a frequency we tap into. Often, we align with it easily when we exist in gratitude and presence.


Around the end of 2019, I BLEW through most of my travel savings but worked through my fears and anxiety by expressing gratitude to where all that money went:

*I invested in myself for the first time and hired a business coach.

*I paid in full for flights that took the kids and me to Guatemala and then back to Mexico. This investment had many benefits I focused on such as 1) resetting our visa where when back in Mexico we had another 6 months before I had to decide our next step. 2) the trip to Guatemala was a new and magickal experience that rejuvenated my frequency and cleansed my health. 3) the flights aligned me with a month in Mexico with a very like-minded mum and her babies that my kids and I have known and loved for several years now (a rarity, as my isolation phase was long and stern).

*I paid in full all 3 accommodations (two in Guatemala and one month in Mexico) so I was clear from large payments till March 2020.

This shift in perspective had me feeling gratitude about the money leaving my account instead of the expected anxiety. It wasn’t always easy and there were moments of stress. I realize though that the anxious moments come from too much thinking of the what-ifs in the future so I would always bring my thoughts back to the present.

Sure I had less money in the bank, and as a single mom nomad that can be scary, but I had paid up all my ‘bills’ for the next 4 MONTHS and as long as I stayed on top of our daily spending it would be very doable to recover the funds.

Abundance is not always money, we need to shift this programing..so I got to work.

I started speaking into existence about how I would recover my funds:

*I told myself that after my paid-up stay, I would still have 5 months before I had to fly anywhere. So no flight expenses needed for a bit.

*I intend to lay low for a while, find more affordable accommodations and live simply so that I could recover my funds and get a lot of personal and professional work done.

*I would reassure myself that the laying low would offer me the focus I needed to get my mentoring programs up and running and this would generate extra income before we had to fly to our next major destination.

*Having already lived in Mexico for 5 months I felt prepared in what my expenses would be in order for me to be able to save and recover my funds.

These were all explanations my ego/fear would need but I was fully aware that the magick is not in the HOW but in the FAITH..in the KNOWING. …So off I went to Guatemala and then Nayarit and had a relaxing time. Present, grounded and unaffected by indoctrinated fears.

Halfway through my month stay in Nayarit, I started looking for longterm, affordable accommodations. I knew due to a personal errand I would have to eventually make my way back to Merida, but I figured let’s work on the now and the rest will sort itself out when its time.

I started looking through some Airbnb’s and found a few that I contacted the hosts to confirm some details with before booking. Although they hit most of my requirements, something nudged me to just sleep on it. After all, there was no rush. I still had more than two weeks in the current home.

The next day, in passing, a single mom traveler that I had met in Merida mentioned to me that she was looking for a pet sitter for her 3 fur babies. Without even realizing the real possibility, I responded to her how much the kids and I would love to watch them if we made it back to Merida around the time she needed care for them. This mom than began to name some dates and it got me thinking: I have to make my way to Merida anyways, why not right after Nayarit? Why stay around here and try to budget in a new area when I already knew Merida so well after my 5 month stay?

So it was confirmed. By the next day, our Merida tickets were booked and we had confirmed FREE accommodations in exchange to watch their home and pets! My kids were ecstatic as we were having animal withdrawals (we always had pets back in Canada) and I couldn’t believe my luck. What better way to recuperate funds than to be rent-free for almost 2 whole months?!
I found a great price on a flight taking us back to Merida and this all just started to fall more and more into place…but the universe wasn’t done there. More alignment was about to come my way.

Abundance is not always money.
The following week, word had gotten around the single mom community in Merida, and a second mom reached out asking if I would be willing to house/pet sit for her also! I was elated!

After finalizing all the details I had committed to two back to back house/pet sits with two traveling single moms I had met in Merida. I had just short of 4 months booked in two great homes with free accommodations in a town I had every intention of returning to. I would be checking off so many of my needs that it felt like such perfect alignment. no, it WAS a perfect alignment. Not just for me, not just for the other moms (who now had a familiar person watching over their home and loved ones) but for my children as well who LOVE animals.

We would be…

*settling into a town long term

*staying in free accommodations

*grounding with animals in our home

*living in a familiar city with familiar friends

I will be…

*recuperating my travel funds

*focusing on my work and getting lots done

*have access to healthy food and a peaceful environment

*avoiding having to learn a new city and country

*getting lots of walks in as both homes had a dog to care for..I LOVE walks!!

Why am I sharing this story in such great detail?
Because many people struggle to understand what I mean when I say I live in FAITH.

To me, faith is not a religious act, it is not even faith in an external energy. It is faith in myself. Faith in my path. Faith in my purpose.
Faith to me is listening to my intuition and having trust in it.
Faith to me is seeing my next step and not needing to focus on the ‘how’ or the ‘why’.

Faith to me is taking a leap and not listening to the fears.

I flow in abundance doesn’t always mean I am rolling in cash. In fact, I am still working on some money blocks and money will be something that spews upon me when it’s meant to. I have, however, learned to live in abundance through gratitude and a higher perspective of faith. A view that doesn’t require the 3rd-dimensional fear version of me to play a role. A view that knows everything is a blessing, a lesson, and an opportunity to expand.

I didn’t go looking for a pet/house sitting opportunity, it went looking for me. I was simply open to it while listening to my intuition tell me not to fall into a fear state of existence.

I focused on what needed my attention in the present moment and reminded myself that past and future are not where I reside. The answers are simply not there.

This is how I travel. This is how I live. THIS is how I exist in my *New Earth Rainbow Journey.

~Evi Paris

2 thoughts on “Tapping into the frequency of Abundance.

  1. liasunshine777 says:

    Living in the vortex allows us to focus on our happiness in every now moment no matter what is manifesting around us; there’s no need to worry about anything! Love this example of faith leading to perfect alignment!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Colette says:

    Love this !
    I am doing the same. I know that everything I wish for this trip will align itself naturally
    Flow is my key word for this year


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