Thank you my brothers.

How do I know I’ve


*jumped a timeline

*ascended to a higher frequency?…

I’m having more and more in depth conversations with men who are not trying to hit on me or trip up my energy.

I Love you Men.

I Always have, I always will.

I find you intriguing, your point of view so valid.

I find you venerable more then strong, which is exactly where your deeper strength lies.

Couple that with your healed, authentic, open heart, and we have a conection that is transcendent of human connections.

Its not lustful or insecure.

It’s not misunderstood or seperate.

It is unison in polarity.

It is a magick flow of energy which makes the information that much more comprehensive.

We have both worked so hard to heal the feminine and the masculine and should be acknowledged for our efforts and results.

We have lived though centuries of division only to walk through the deepest healing and out the other side to the highest union ever.

The INTERNAL Feminine and Masculine.

Thank you my brothers, for all your amazing self work.

Thank you cycle breakers and critical, compassionate thinkers.

Thank you my brave men, my beautiful loves.

I will continue to do my part as so many of my sisters are.

We made a deal and we are both definitely holding up our end of the bargain – I SEE it, no matter how it is perceived from fear. I see with LOVE!

– Evi Paris

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