We dont plan, we align!

You know you have expanded and have removed another layer of programing when your body doesn’t react to an increase in the budget your human tries to hold on to for the next home on your nomadic journey. A home with even fewer amenities then this beach house we have just started to enjoy.

My mind reacted with a program of “Wow! That’s expensive!” when I first found this next place, but I witnessed myself as the observer. I heard the thought, I felt my body, and I realized that this feels right. This feels aligned, not scary but in flow. I was just brezzing through the airbnb site and this place found me.

I couldnt shake it out of my head.

So I went ahead and booked it!

Our next house will be completely off-grid and built on an old hacienda property surrounded by lush vegetation. It is a beautiful, sustainable farm house with additional sleeping quarters in the palapa that is 10 steps from the main home.

It is very isolated with a 10-15 walk to nearest small towns and a short drive into Merida going one way or to the beach the other way towards Progreso.

I will once again have to adjust to a whole new way of ensuring we get fresh produce and dry goods in the house but the presence needed to navigate such basic needs at every house gets me so excited!!

Less then a week into this beach house stay and the energies already aligned my next move. I also have unpacked and settled into this house more then I have in the last 3 houses. Everything continues to align with the personal and collective energy work I have had my attention on this year.

The kids and I do not live in the old earth. As the energies accelerate and the two earths split further, we are organically settling into a more peaceful way of BEing again. Ensuring we keep ourselves healthy and balanced.

More Earth.
More distance from people.
More distance from city life.
Ensuring we stay grounded, present, aware.


We have been enjoying days in the sun, on the beach, and I cant help reflect over the last 7 months we spent in strict lockdown. The kids were, for lack of a better description, on house arrest.

We have had a magickal year though. Unphased by world events for the most part. Living in our own little bubble of rainbows, possibilities, and gratitude.

The city had its modern conveniences, which during a lockdown had its advantages. It is time thought to exit the matrix of cluttered, overstimulating obedience and settle into beach living and later country life.

This feels so invigorating. So simple.

So fresh and so clear.

By far the best way we could be ending such a magickal year!!

New Earth Rainbow Journey – Evi Paris

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