Journal Entry: We Are Energy With Intention

Living in the New Earth means I flow with what feels aligned, what resonates. I am mindful and aware but I also step into my light with confidence and authenticity.

I am told to share this journal entry, and I do not question it. Someone may need to read it, I may even just need to put it out into the universe in this way. . . both actually. …

Journal Entry.

October 3rd, 2020 3:13

I also find I speak about myself with great confidence now. With old and new energies alike. Especially with like/clear-minded souls/energies. (aligned, no doubt)

I am an Ascended Master. A Mindset Alchemist, seer, and channel of light. As a highly intuitive oracle I have immense Love and Faith in Humanity’s collective Expansion! — and I am not alone!!

I am not alone in my love, in my faith, in my service to the collective, or in my light. ALL Hands Are On Deck as this is the greatest show for humanity. Even souls that are not here to expand are here to assist in this endeavor. Their presence is enough reason to have so much faith in this great awakening. They would not be here if we don’t inevitably succeed in our collective evolution.

But even that is still too leniear to view from. The energies bombarding our planet now has shifted and is assisting our DNA mutation. Our humans are healing massive traumas, allowing trapped energies to start flowing once again. In our expanded avatars, this flowing energy allows even more light to start penetrating us. ..But that is still too linear.

This is all energy with intention wanting to expand as energy does. It wants to move, it wants to flow, it wants to keep expanding. We are that crystalline energy, that christ-consciousness. We are the energy with intention, manifested in this hologram that is a complete reflection of our vibration.

So…. when we remember we are energy with intention, we can actively participate in choosing the frequency we vibrate at. We remember that we are the observer of this manifested avatar. We are the directors of the cells that make up our physical composition.

It’s all quantum. It’s all energy.

In addition, our energy/us, is so intense, so grand, we can not be housed in only one manifested avatar.

Quantum Entanglement.

We are Multidimantional.

We are expanding in many directions simultaneously, as we are source energy… ever-expanding.

Energy with Intention.


Evi Paris

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