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November 5th, 2015

All the times I felt like life was breaking me, I was unawre that there is a flip side to it all.

All the times they turned away but not before pointing their finger at me, leaving me there in a puddle of my own tears, lost in my hurt and confusion. I felt it was easy for them to believe their perception, while I was aching for someone to understand ..to see me.

Little did I know how much they were helping me.

As each wave crashed against me another layer peeled off, and another, and another. Time passes and I’m still standing here firm.

Though I seem crazy to them, I’ve never felt more sane, more steadfast, more in love – with myself. As they scrambled to blame, to condemn, to prove me un-normal I became clearer and clearer.

I am the rock they break themselves against. And though I feel the pain as if it’s cutting me at my very core, I am solid, unbreakable, a beaming light. I shine brighter and brighter as the layers shed one by one.

Time breaks them as they try to break me, for I am a reflection. We all are to each other in one way or another. I may or may not get to see the visible transition in them, but that is not important. Just like it’s not important they see the change in me.

Self-growth is for ourselves to see, to understand, to accept and to love. But one thing I know for sure – just like I will never forget all those who passed through my light making it seem dark for a moment in time, they will always remember me for whether they know it or not I reside in a fracture, in the cracks they now have. Like a splinter or a fragment of light that manages to peak through.

It all depends on their perception.

I will just say thank you. We both agreed to that moment in time long before we came here. Thank you for the role you played as I am grateful for my part too. I continue to peel off the layers put on me and I see the solid foundation within.

I am limitless.

I am light.

I am Love.

Evi Paris

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