I Am An Impenitrable Rainbow

This year, after much time spent healing, I was given the opportunity to apply all my acquired wisdom.

After some time of liberated freedom, I stepped back into the lion’s den and tamed the beast …the one inside myself.

I am untouchable.

All they want is the wrong attention from me, like grown children that never developed certain coping and communication skills.

My codependency survival mechanisms were brought to the surface, but this time I thanked myself for my open heart.

I’m not here to change myself or another.

I’m here to wake up.

To remember. To Love and Be Love.

I am impenetrable because they want me to react but I pause and I respond.

I am untouchable because I don’t take the bait that would have me roll down a slippery slope of arguments in the past.

Things are different now.

My frequency has shifted.

My senses are sharper.

My instincts speak clearer.

My trust in myself is stronger.

My vision has expanded.

I see many layers of the scenes that play out in front of me.

I see their pain.

I see my part in fueling the disfunction.

I see their fear.

I see my capacity to love.

I see the perfect role we each play to accommodate this duality.

I see the divinity in their human manifestation and I am grateful for their existance.

I don’t even have to disengage from the person now, they disengage from me. They dont know how to react to so much light.

Be the Light.

Be Love.

Be an Impenetrable Rainbow!

La lala laaaaaa!


Evi Paris

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