I knew I was ready… I didn’t know what I was ready for.

In late 2018 I started saying to myself I AM READY!

Ready for what?

I had spent the better part of the past decade healing, expanding, discovering myself, and remembering the alchemy I was born to master.

I had just finished up family court for the last time and had been unexpectedly awarded full sole custody with zero access to the uninvolved fathers. Not even my mailing address was to be given out..court ordered. I felt liberated.

So what was I ready for?

I was renting a beautiful home for the third year that the kids and I called our sanctuary. It was an old country house on a large nature lot with trees and even a revine. We were in a small and beautiful lake town in Ontario, just a short walk to the beach. My kids and I had a house full of anything we needed, access to healthy food and fresh spring water. We had amazing local libraries and open spaces to play and explore and, after a few years of isolation, we even had a small (healthy) group of people we called (and still call) family.

I am ready… my head would not stop repeating this.

Lake Simcoe 2019

By early 2019 it felt like a massive chapter change in my life was solidifying. I had to put my 11 year old dog down. I also put my foot down and ended an 8 year on and off again relationship.

I was ready.

On February 18th, after obsessing over van life and schoolie research, a light bulb went off. We will officially become nomadic. Remove even more tethers from the old earth and become even more fluid in our existence.

Yes, this felt so right.

By May 1st 2019 we had sold and donated almost all our possessions and began our nomadic journey..by August we became international nomads with our first trip to Mexico.

I had arrived… and still I felt ready.

Our first plane ride together, leaving Canada!

Ready to take this vagabond experience and show the world that it is possible to raise two kids on faith alone (in myself and my path) and that the world is a beautiful place and very safe for a single mom with young children. We flow and slow travel similar to my victim days where we moved around a lot out of necessity. Only this was invigorating, peaceful, and without fear.

The more I leaped forward, the more ready I felt. Ready for what? Was I not already doing what I worked the last decade for?

I was practicing mindfulness, gratitude, and self reflection at every turn. I was unschooling my kids. I was connecting with invigorating like minds that motivated me to strive for more. I was in No Contact with toxicity and was pushing through my comfort zone on the daily.

By early 2020 I had traveled with the kids enough that they were quite adjusted to this life, and actually prefered the flow and excitement of it all. We had comforted any lingering homesickness as we spent all of february house sharing with a very close moma friend and her kiddos from back home. Priceless.

Progreso 2019

I was continuing my personal healing and growth as well as tackled my business expansion by hiring two coaches. The intention was to pick up skills to strengthen my message so that I could assist the collective as I had been for a few years now..but with a more direct and clear approach. – It worked. By mid 2020 my work skyrocketed and my brand and message were becoming more recognizable and comprehensive.

I was ready for the workload. Living in flow with my kids allowed me plenty of time and energy to focus on so much one on one mentoring work that was coming my way. – I was ready.

By spring we were in our first pet/house sit experience (there would be two over the next 7 months) and upon entering that house I KNEW one more thing I was ready for. Another Inner Deep Dive.

That first house was a mess, and my codependency coupled with my faith in how things turn out had me staying there way too long for my human liking. I could name many positive things from that experience, but the biggest take away will always be how the chaos in that house caused me to reflect on deep core wounds I needed to iron out .. now that I was better equipped to dive into them.

The house was dirty, the pets were high anxiety, the owner was inauthentic and dealing with her own demons that she had left lingering around the home. The kids and I spent almost 3 months with no shower and I woke up many nights to a meowing kitten that was locally rescued and was trying to escape at every turn. I feel he had a home he was actually taken from. The older cat ended up escaping and guilt was something I had to work on diligently. None of the home’s window screens were secured and this did not seem to concern the homeowner. The dog was clingy (poor baby was stressed) and only after we left that home did I notice how much that had taken a toll on me. She NEVER left my side.

The house would flood with every rainfall and my anxiety would go through the roof everytime trying to manage it.The furniture and floors were pet stained and filthy and we put sheets on EVERYTHING! No amount of cleaning seemed to help. I spent the first two weeks sleeping in a hammock as I was too grossed out to make my regular floor bed. I eventually gave up. I just wanted out of there but the owner got stuck outside the border and we ended up sitting twice as long as intended. Needless to say we did not end on good terms mostly due to lack of authentic communication. (Just a note to anyone reading this. You’re not being ‘nice’ when you’re not expressing yourself, you’re being inauthentic and that stuff sticks. Get it out! Clear your energy.)

The first pet/house sit in Merida was across the street from the park.

The second house sit was a much, much better experience and even the animals (four cats this time) were a joy to be with! The home had a great energy and even though it was closer to the city center, it was actually more isolated which was perfect for us. Lockdown or no lockdown, we are homebodies.

It was all perfectly aligned though as the first house’s dirty and scattered energy allowed me to start cleaning up anything left dirty, messy, and unorganized inside of me. Male wounds. I AM READY. Over a period of about 6 months I went through a real time interaction with the 5 most toxic male relationships in my life. Males whom I shared a long contract with that served me with many valuable lessons. My father, my brother, my ex husband, my sons dad, and the 8 year on and off boyfriend.

Oh what a ride!

I WAS ready!

I watched myself work through the triggers and the abuse. I watched my self sympathise with their fears and open up to loving them for who they were. I watched myself respond instead of react and I watched them react to a new me they just don’t understand. Im sure it bothered them to see such unexpected behaviours from me: Disengagement with an open heart. They all have access to me still but I bet you none of them will contact me ever again though.

I cleaned up my mess dad, look at me now!

I Love myself so much finally, that I love them too. I wish them well on their journey.

Playing UNO with my daughter. Guatemala 2020

So is this what I was ready for? a busier but calmer life? Parenting that flowed, people reaching out for my services and insights, living in abundance and fluidity – always following where the wind takes us? I must have been…things were going great.

I got busier…

As we draw near the last stretch of 2020, the global awakening can no longer be ignored. It is no longer a spiritual community fad or a conspiracy theory. Things are getting crazier as the kids and I watch it all from our new earth bubble, sort of gloating: Finally! Others would join our bubble – and boy have they ever.

As my service got busier and my message spread farther, I began aligning with even more that were progressing on their path. But this was different. The connection between like minds I started meeting began to be far more intimate. Far more interconnected. With each conversation we unlock memories and knowings for each other. We trigger understandings and collaborate on more creative methods to spread light/information on our personal journeys.

As a nomad, these interactions are spread out in distance, but this has nothing to do with my travels. We are spread out for a reason. I am currently in Mexico for a reason. I saw a huge increase in connections with Americans and Canadians which correlates with prime awakening energies accelerated due to current global events. As the colder season creeps in (and USA fires burn) sunlight is not as accessible to the people up north as it is for me here in Mexico.

I began to transfer a lot of light codes.

Progreso 2020

That previous spring I had began to integrate light information and downloads so fast that I could hear the messages from light and source instantly. No human interpretation needed. I had remembered the language. Connecting with other light beings working for the collective began to take a new form. We began to speak a different language to each other, our conversations flowing in a way I had never experienced before.

The crystalline grid is fired up and the frontline lightworkers are finding each other. Our connection accelerates our inner work, but most importantly it fuels the thirst for community. Many of us have done enough work that we don’t even live in the old earth anymore, whether we realize it or not. ( I realize it!)

By late September of this year I finally left the city I was locked down in for 7 months and we rented a house by the beach in a small town nearby. My body INSTANTLY felt a difference. The city and the work I had been doing was taking a toll on me. The beach was an instant healer, as was all the nature we were surrounded by.

Mornings by the beach and barefoot living was recharging me as I felt my human happily work longer hours, serving the collective. I write more, I research more, I mentor more, I rest more. So apparently life DOES keep getting better and better! We do not currently have access to any fast food, take out, or major grocery stores for that matter. The kids and I instantly and easily slipped into simpler food choices and more physical activity. More SUN too!!

More light codes. More grounded. More Ready!!

Guatemala City 2020

The end of the year will keep accelerating, this collective expansion will keep me busy. I, however, am simultaneously resting. I have gone through 7 months of lockdown and deep diving I am now feeling like I am on the other side of something.

..but there’s always something on the other side too.

Just today, another lightworker and I were working through some energies and channeling and BOOM, more inner diving for me emerges. I love this ride. I have remembered many past lives (that are actually occurring simultaneously to this one) but I seem to have tripped a switch. I am diving deeper into the lives and into my origins. My human is mind blown!

I thought all the other titles, labels, and history was a lot to process, but I guess now I am ready to remember more. Ready to share it with my fellow light warriors. Ready to continue to step further and further into my role and purpose.

The Pleiadians told me this would happen back in the spring.

I am ready.

I am here to help, and I did not come by accident. I am also not here alone.

~ Evi Paris

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