Be Still among Chaos.

The world is changing right before our eyes, and we have no concept or idea of what it will change into. We can not fathom the magick that is headed our way, we have never been there in this humans.

In 2013 I began to have a clear vision that made no sense to me. I was walking through the woods with my then 3 year old, a backpack, and our little dog. That is what my brain knew then. That is what my consciousness showed me. A vision so clear, that made no sense to my human.

My boyfriend at the time was sort of a prepper, still hung up on the possibilities of chaos after December 21st, 2012. The chaos wasn’t the cataclysmic event so many though it would be…or was it? Looking back, I think it was.

My old world certainly died by the end of 2012, and continued to peel off of me layer by layer over the next several years. My human had started diving down some deep, deep rabbit holes. Things were getting more confusing, yet clearer at the same time.

The chaos had started to make sense.
My vision changed.

Now I was sitting in that forrest, no longer hiking it. I was calm and serene. Unafraid of any doomsday propaganda and theory that was being screamed at me. In my vison, I sat there, surrounded by a thick forest, calm, peaceful, grounded. No more then 10 feet away from me however, in every direction, the forrest started to change. It began to get turbulent, as if a storm had hit. The trees began to sway violently, as if a hurricane had blown in.

I was still, in my vision, sitting there in my little part of the untouched, unaffected forrest. I opened my eyes and looked past the 10 foot radius where I sat – I saw destruction. Trees being blown so hard that they were pulled up by the roots. I saw no animals and couldn’t see much past the storm debri, but I knew the chaos and destruction went on forever. My little circle was left untouched, calm, even sunny through the thick tree canopy.

I feel restless today as I calmly start to pack up this beach house. Progreso was a very interesting move after 7 months locked in a city that wreaks havoc on my body. I feel healed, healthy, and detached from a world that is experiencing massive change. Two more days and it’s November..

I ask my Michael why I feel restless. . he tells me I know why.
I pull a card, my human unconvinced.
The Eagle King slightly smirks at me from the card’s image.
“You know Evi.”

Even if my human can not articulate it, they are both right. I DO know.

I left the city late September knowing I had done what was needed there. Now, as the end of 2020 was taking shape and the energies continued to accelerate, I was told to go back into nature. I found this beach house.

Progreso has been an interesting experience. A town raped by the lies of this pandemic and left to heal its own wounds. Most of the houses and businesses are abandoned and starting to decay after almost a year of forced neglect. I fell in love with the village’s simplicity. The modest amenities and the simple way of living..fell in love? or always loved it. I’ve never gravitated to modern conveniences like I have to simple living.

The sky is also something to marvel here in Progreso, and has captured my heart. It reminds me of the sky in the Pleiades, big puffy cotton candy clouds. Pinks, purples, yellows, blues, orange and sometimes even green! My heart takes in all this magick. The sea is also a marvel on its own. I have never been next to the same part of the sea for this long before in this lifetime. I enjoyed watching the changes everyday. It was never the same beach twice. Never predictable, always doing it’s own thing, carving it’s own way.

Michael looks at me: “just like you!”

My human knows why I feel so restless yet so calm, just like the waves crashing over and over. The peaceful yet very busy sound makes it hard to think and easy to observe. Perfect, thinking is for humans. I Am just BEing.

Just like in my vision back in 2013, I am here while the world accelerates its shift. In two days we move even further away from the hussle and bussle. We move to a bigger property where we can wander around without seeing anyone or even hearing a car drive by. I am excited for silent nights and peaceful days. The kids and I already adjusted (again) to a simpler diet and cleaner air.

I will be still while the chaos does it’s thing. The old world dies as the new one is born. I am ready and have been for a very long time. My human STILL can not articulate what I know, but maybe I don’t have to. Not many will understand and really, those that are also ready don’t need it to be explained.

I know what I know. I already reside in the New Earth. It is magickal here, beyond any human description. The best part is that I am not alone, and though my brothers and sisters are far from me, and sometimes my human craves contact, the I Am knows. She knows. I know.

THIS is why I am here. THIS is why I’ve remembered so much. This is why I isolated myself again and again through choice or circumstance. Untethering from those that cling on to hope and to the old. The new is no place for fear and hope. It is a place for Knowing, a place for Being. THIS is why I healed and continue to heal. THIS is why I offer my energy to those that are ready to hear even a few words of my knowing. This is why these two magickal being came and made me their mother. THIS is why I travel. Not aimlessly, but with intuitive purpose.

Michael and the Eagle King remind me again: YOU KNOW. Just keep BEing. Do it! DO IT!


~Paraskevi. (Evi/Paris)

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