Quantum connection does not care about linear relationships.

“If we dont agree on things we can’t be friends?”


If your parenting makes me cringe..
If your lack of self reflection leaves you projecting all your insecurities at me..
If your self avoidance is making you into a gossip Betty..
If your idea of socializing is pretending..

Yes, we can’t be friends.

We may have been friends when I was asleep and acting from my wounds, but now my vibration has shifted. I can’t fit into that same box you’re trying to measure me against.

“You’re pretending. I know you. We go way back, I know the real you and this isnt it.”

No, you knew the version of me you aligned with so long ago, I don’t even know who that person is.

I don’t eat the same, don’t live the same, think the same, or do the same things. I don’t watch the same things, speak about the same things, or hang out with the same people. How am I the same?

You dont recognize me, I get it. I wouldn’t recognize me then if I saw me now either.

“You’re judging me. I know you, but you act like you’re too good for me now.”

There’s no expectations or obligation to be around me. We either align, or we dont.

If we don’t like the same things, don’t speak in a similar language (energetically), and don’t vibrate at a resonating frequency then why resist the universe’s clear direction?


There are 8 billion people on this earth, why not shift to align with those that resonate?

“Because that’s lies. That’s not loyal. That’s looking for ‘yes’ people. Your real friends, your real family, know you. They’ll tell you straight. You’re being fake. You’re not acting like you used to.”

You’re right. I’m not acting.
I’m being.
I’m not forcing.
I surender and I flow.

I dont cling to what no longer serves me, fits me, or aligns with me. I am present, aware, and authentic to myself.

“You’re saying I’m not authentic? I am, I don’t lie.”

I never lied either, but I was different. I was viewing the world from a different level of consciousness. I was acting on my triggers, wounds, and on my lack of self love. I was asleep to my emotions, needs, and gifts.

Now I see differently and act accordingly. It is authentic to me, despite the fact that not everyone will agree.

It’s hard to let go sometimes, especially of a good memory. Resistance will only push against it though and turn things sour.

Change is inevitable. We can observe its magick, or we can put up walls to try and stop it. But why keep banging our heads against walls?

Now is all there is.

Evi Paris

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