Dear Ms. Paris ~ Observe the path from the present moment ~

Q ~ How do we know if we’re on the right path?

Right and wrong don’t actually exist. It’s a measurement against our human’s belief system in our emotions and against our ego’s expectations.

It is All Devine.

Where we know we are in alignment with our highest good is in simplicity.
No resistance.

Observing resistance in our reality is a great tool to helping us get clearer with our wants, needs, time for disengagement, and time for boundries.

Hard work is NOT the way. It’s awareness that hold the secret. The act of being honest with self.

We can observe from a neutral space and ask ourselves a lot of questions to dive into our authenticity.

No judgment needed. Just neutral observation.

A new challenge or trigger in our path is always an opportunity to observe, make necessary adjustments, and realign with our highest vibrational reality.

High vibe realities only exist in the NOW.


~ Evi Paris

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