About me..

I am a mom to two New Earth Beings. A 12-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy.

I removed my old reality by waking to my conscious self, cultivating self-love, and embracing my personal brand of magick after witnessing everything around me crumble to dust and get rebuilt. Shortly after my first child was born my awakening began and the old earth I existed in began to drop off, piece by piece.

I survived and I am thriving after many toxic relationships. I self-navigated my way through family court and was granted full sole custody, travel, and passport permission with zero access from either of my kid’s non-active fathers. I have also gone no contact with the majority of my old world including family. The no contact occurred almost naturally as those who no longer resonate with our expanding frequency tend to dump or flea away from it!

Early 2019, after quickly getting rid of almost all our possessions, the kids and I began to slow travel on intuition. Liberated, and free from many programs indoctrinated on us socially like the false construct of time, we began to flow in our days as we had been for years already, but this time with no attachment to a geographical location.

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We are an example of life in the emerging New Earth. We live in flow, operate from presence, gratitude, and compassion for self and others. We go where the wind takes us and allow the universe to offer us the best direction by making decisions in the present moment.

We are vagabonds transmuting energies wherever we are led to live by simply being our authentic selves.

We are assisting the collective during this global awakening all while expanding and stepping into our own divinity and magick.

Remembering, growing, grounding, and transmuting.

I offer free channeled one-on-one assistance during these crucial times.

I serve as a Clarity Catalyst, Intuitive Guide, Mindset Mentor, and Spiritual Reader.

You can contact me through Facebook Messenger or email.

FB group: Choosing Your Reality. Focuses on awareness and mindfulness teachings and techniques that shift our personal vibration. Feel free to join us!


Quantum Wayseer

Conceptual New Earth Educator







Cycle Breaker

Worldschooling/Unschooling Parent

Vagabond Intuitive Traveler

Narcissistic Abuse Survivor

Living in the New Earth!!

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Thank you to everyone we have met and will meet along our journey.

Sending you All Much Love!

La lala laaaaaaaa!!!

Evi Paris.