I Am.

Who Am I?Who are You? I am human.I am god.I am source.I am light.I am energy.I am information.I am multidimensional.I am alien.I am a star being. I remember.I speak.I write.I read.I channel.I see.I feel.I know. I am passionate.I am fearless.I am caring.I am fair.I am curious.I am courageous.I am artistic.I am creative.I am multitasking. I … Continue reading I Am.


My lover is awakening.He is being guided towards my light.He sniffs out my fire.He is guided by my song.He is walking through his own fire to get to my island, crossing oceans, flames, and rough terrain.He is building himself out of his mistakes.He is loving himself after being unloved.He is clearing his vision, wiping away … Continue reading Awakening

Tuning In

The memories are there. Consciousness is rising. We begin to comprehend. Clearer. Ascending. We remember. We had never forgotten. We adjust our frequency. We begin to hear the channel clearer. We remember as we understand. The information is there.